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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  September 16, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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i'm amanda del castillo, last night a man wasllo, attacked near the student union. i'll have the deatils and a live report. with november's presidential election approaching... will a controversial documentary make the difference in who is elected into office. a contraversial film ridiculing islam's prophet results in the killing of a u-s ambassador... i'll have the story... update news starts now.
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hello and welcome to update news... im pedro garcia. and i'm lexy nuno... thanks for joining us. we begin with developing news..... campus police are telling us that at 1:15 this morning, a man was walking here near the student union when four or five men dressed in all black approached him, demanding money.... one of the suspects pulled out a pocket knife. the victim suffered an injury to his left hand after the group of men beat him. the suspects were seen running south on south-tenth-street toward east-william-street. update news amanda del castillo is live on campus with more on the story. (live interview) back to you.
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in the meantime ... two female students were attacked on campus earlier this week. these attacks are raising new questions about campus safety. " the attacks on tuesday morning -- happened in broad daylight on a busy walkway near maquarrie hall and the seventh street garage. "homeless man ronald kimball walked up to one female
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student and struck her, then walked up to another female student and struck that student and then was scared away by other members of the community who flaged down a university cadet and arranged for police response to take him into custody and take him to jail" student -- kathleen alonzo heard about the attacks and says having an open campus makes her feel uneasy. "yeah it's an open campus and the fact that we can't do anythihng about it beacause it's open is..kinda scary to me" during his first news conference of the fall semester ... president mohammad qayoumi said protecting students is essential. "our students safety and everyone's safety, specifically students will always be of the upmost importance." much of that responsiblity -- falls on the shoulders of san jose university police. officers says they are doing all they can to keep the campus safe.
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the department deploys patrols of four officers ... provides escort services and plans to hold self-defense training for female students and staff. nevertheless -- sargent laws advises students to be alert. "this is not the kind of thing that you can really prepare for other than ust make sure you're aware of your surroudings. that if some one were to approach you in a dangerous manner that you're aware of it and ready for it."" the next defense training course is on september 22nd and is free to all s-j-s-u students. tuesday marked the 11-year anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. fire station 'one' in downtown san jose observed a moment of silence at 6:59 am -- the moment the first tower collapsed in new york. firefighters rang a memorial bell in rememberance of the fallen fire fighters and victims of 9-11.
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" it's really just a day to refelct on the loss of life that day by our brother and sister firefighters in new york and al lthe victims of th towers, the pentagon, and shankville, pensylvania. and just remind us to be safe and when we come to work everyday, we have a dangerous job and we rely on our coworkers to keep us safe." the station is filled with flags with names of fallen firefighters ... banners that hung on the back of their fire trucks shortly after the attacks ... and photos of new york first responders. this monday the reporter who broke the child molestation story involving former penn state football coach... jerry sandusky will be on campus to tell her story. two years ago, a source tipped off newspaper reporter sara ganim that police were investigating a boy's accusations involving that sandusky had molested him. ganim, now 24, received the 2012 pulitzer prize for local reporting. she is the third youngest journalist to receive the prestigious award. the director of the sjsu school of journalism and mass communications, bob
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rocker says if someone as young as ganim can accomplish such a feat, anyone can. " "at her first job can go back to her alma mater, penn state one of the most vaunted universities in her home state of pennsylvania and do this type of story the research the development and break a story about jerry sandusky, no student in the bay area should ever say to a teacher or parent don't think i can."" ganim will speaking and answering questions at the morris daily auditorium monday from 2:30 to 4 pm. this november voters will decide if they should raise taxes to help the california state university system and prevent bigger budget cuts. students and staff anxious about the future of s-j-s-u attended a forum to stay updated on the budget crisis. rashida gilmore joins us with the details. .. rashida? thats right -- earlier this week, students and faculty attended a budget forum held by president mohammaed qayoumi. he said fixing the budget crisis depends on voters passing proposition 30. " if proposition 30 passes ... sales taxes will
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go up by a quarter of a cent. personal income tax for individuals who make more than 250-thousand dollars a year would also rise. the extra revenue would go to help solve the budget crisis. at the president's budget forum -- some wanted to know why money was being spent on technology ... at a time when the university is cutting costs. > > professor johnathan roth, isnt convinced >
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its absurd, this is the most outlandish thing i've heard of, for someone to ask for more money, when you already asked for more money." voters will decide the fate of proposition 30 on november 8th. election day is just two months away, thats the latest budget news. i thank you rashida thanks faculty and friends came together to say goodbye to a beloved sjsu administrator. vice president of university advancement -- nancy bussani is retiring from san jose state after 20 years... over her long tenure bussani .... served as the chief operating officer of the tower foundation ... which raises money for the university. " "this was an opprotunity for us to thank her for her great service for over 20 years and so her collegeagues that have worked with her for these years to say goodbye to her and thank her for her dedication to san jose state and all of the great work that she has done on campus.""
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bussani leaves the university to take on a new position with dignity care organization in san francisco. one of san jose state's most generous alums was remebered on campus this week. a memorial service was held in morris daley audtorium last weke for phyllis simpkins who passed away in july. simpkins and her late husband alan donated nearly 20 million dollars to the university over the last 30 years. former san jose state football coach claude gilbert says the couple helped make the football program what it is today ... including the simpkins stadium center. " "we were in great need at the time, when i was here as head football coach for advanced facilities, better practice fields, a weight room, locker rooms, meeting rooms and all of that.""
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the simpkins brought back the spartan marhing in 1977. last year she provided the money to buy brand new uniforms for the band ... uniforms that were on display at football halftime shows. still ahead on update news... a club on campus is keeping students fit, active, and healthy outside of the classroom. and we all know what happened to giants superstar melky cabrera... but what happened to the cult following he inspired throughout the summer?... we'll introduce you to one man who initiated the infamous giants super fan group... known as the 'melk-men.' but first, we asked students what their favorite feature of the new iphone 5 is. " i really wanna invest in the new iphone 5 only unless my upgrade was available so theres no new features or anything that could sway me, its only about price for me. the thing that i'm excited about with the new iphone 5 is hopefully that siri is still on it so i can ask her a lot of questions.
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well i heard its gonna have like a projector on it which is pretty cool but right now i have the 4s so that does everything i need it to, so unless the new one can make a quesadilla or something i'm probably not gonna buy it. i'm most excited about the feature of being really lightweight and not having a glass back because mine shattered in the glass back so i'm excited to not have one shatter. the new picture quality because i love taking pictures all the time so i want better quality so i can upload on facebook. with the five coming out, i don't know, i was doing some random reading i think it looks pretty cool i don't know i like it, i like its an improvement. its definitely an improvement." tensions remain high in the middle east in the aftermath of the killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other american plomats earlier this week. an anti muslim film...produced by americans may have played a role in the violence. " this was the fiery scene after an enraged mob attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. u.s.
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ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. " these are innocent people. these aren't the people that made the movie you know what i mean. alright don't mean by that you go kill the people who made the movie however there are other ways to protest against that." the movie is innocence of muslims. american real estate developer sam bacile produced the film. it ridicules the islamic prophet mohammed. " it is a problem because in my view, the libyan government doesn't seem to be in control of the situation." the us film is protected by the first amendment. but muslim american student badr feels that does not grant the right to produce material that can be disrespectful to religions. "sometimes the first amendment offers to much protection because then your just digging deep and it's like your trying to instigate people at the same time. even though that's freedom of speech that is also hate speech at the same
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time."" muslim students we talked to say they do not fear retaliation in the wake of the american deaths. with rising tuition costs and classes being cut down, what can new students do to get used to life on campus? our own bentli bejan is live on campus with the story yes lexy, many new spartans have plenty to look forward to in future. " many students at san jose state university are experiencing their first taste of college life this semester. freshman students are adjusting to the changes but are excited about what lies ahead. for some students it is the first time living away from home. making new friends is easy because so many freshman live in the same dorm global studies major kimberly hester, says it has been fun living with other freshman. "yeah im in the bricks, so i live on campus, and its like a community dorm, so we all keep our doors open, and everyone can talk to everyone, and then we have a bunch of events throughout
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our dorm, like we had a luau the other night" the associated students house also help the new students to become acclimated to their new home. crystal diaz, who is in charge of the events the a.s house puts on. she thinks new students have plenty of oppurtunities to meet people. "well, we have many events for new students, they rank from differnt barbeques to other social events, so they can meet other new students" the goal is to get new students interacting with returning students so they can learn and meet people who have gone through it before. "ultimately, the goal of associated students is to provide an inclusive enviornment so that all students will be able to participate"" the associated students house plans to put together more events for new students in the future on campus, bentli bejan, update news it may be the end of valley transportation authority free rides for san jose state students. vta is proposing a 2 dollars 52 cent fee for students to use the buses and light rail. currently there is no fee. but in an effort to ease transportation costs elliot alagueuzian says the city will provide more parking spaces for car share companies.
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" zip cars can be rented online and are left in car share parking spaces. "i have the vta pass so i just usually take public transportation and that works fine enough for me but sometimes you need to get places faster so it sounds it'll probably work out really well." but finding a parking space is becoming more of a hassle. so city coucil member sam liccardo proposed more parking for car share companies such as zip cars. " we're certainly reducing the parking demand in high density areas particularly around the downtown. and we're also seeing significant reduction in the amount of driving that's happening because people are simply more judicious about how they drive." liccardo says transportation costs in the bay area can take up to 35 percent of family budgets. "that is a huge burden and moving into a center city like downtown san jose that burden becomes even greater because now you have parking costs. insurance always costs more in a downtown area."
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graphic design major vivian nguyen says that she doesn't see the point of putting extra cars in downtown san jose. "i'm not sure it'll help much because downtown is really crowded anyway. i mean people use buses and other transportation so i'm not even sure you even need a car you know?" liccardo hopes this new proposal can attract more businesses to san jose." "their employees now can ride transit with the assurance that if they need to run an errand or they need to be somewhere in the middle of the day, as a part of their work, they can get a car to do that without having to bring their car." "the director of transportation will authorize up to 40 on-street and off-street parking spaces for car share vehicle companies such zip car, 20 of which will be released within the next six months, after that it will all depend on the demand of the consumers."in sa in san jose elliot alagueuzian update news." tim vantress is here for arts and entertainment... whats new this week? the next presidential election is just around the
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corner...with the campaigns under way both parties are working hard to get your votes. briana villalobos show us -- one makers of one controversial documentary is trying to making sure president obama's first term is his last. " conservative author turned film maker -- diniseh d'sousa -- is trying to get you to vote republican...with this new documentary called 2012 obama's america... so far, the film has earned 20-million dollars -- one of the highest grossing documentaries in history. political science professor melinda jackson says the documentary plays on voters' fears. "melinda jackson says: i think that one of the main themes is that we cant trust president obama that he is an outsider and that he doesn't share american values and the message of the movie it is trying to raise some fears about president obamas trust worthiness and his legitimacy as president." the chairman of the santa clara county democratic party has some choice words
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for the film.s steve preminger says: from what i saw it looks like a horrible piece of garbage its is the ugliest propaganda and is trying to influance people that do not pay any attention nothing that i saw in the clips had any base in reality no factual points were raised it is a very emotional piece but will it sway votes in one direction or another? " in order for this movie to make a difference election this movie has to be seen by people that have not made up their mind's yet so swing voters in swing states those are the voters that everyone is targeting at this point." professor jackson says this documentary will most likey only attract people with the same views as the director ... nevertheless it's still a big moneymaker at the box office." san jose state is about exercising student minds, but there is also a place to exercise there bodies. bodies in motion, muscles
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moving, and working up a sweat, the sport club is a great place for sjsu students to relieve stress on their down time. here they can enjoy various extracurricular activites ranging from fitness classes, to basketball, racquetball and even dance. the main goal is for students is to stay healthy. " the best thing you can invest in is yourself and your doing that here on campus but you know with yourself is your mind, body and spirit" students have access to the club monday through sunday, so get active outside the classroom. the giants are currently driving for the playoffs without their star outfielder, melky cabrera. before he was suspended for failing a drug test, some of his fans became nearly as famous as the 'melkman' himself. where are they now that their idol has fallen from grace? " the 'melkmen' took the bay area by storm this past summer. . . dressing up at the ballpark in support of the san francisco giants' newest star player, melky cabrera. 'melk man' rawn huffman, along with his son and his
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friends, gave new meaning to the word 'fanatic' back in june by creating a sensation that lasted well into august. rewn huffman - melk man: at first people would start to look at us and once they got it... "the melk men"...we walked through that parking lot and there were people standing on their cars, clapping, just going nuts. for huffman, publicity came along with the fun, getting an article on espn dot com . . . even appearing on a talk show on the giants' flagship television station. but then, they found something extra in the 'melk'. ten minutes later i get a text from ty saying there's a 50 game suspension coming melky's way. the player they idolized was suspended for using synthetic testosterone on august fifteenth- cheating the game. prof. matthew cabot: so, image restoration is tough... once you've done this and he's guilty of this... also he looked like he was trying to cover something up... its tough coming back. they still go to games, but without the uniforms, which sit along with the rest of the family's extensive memorabilia. (footage from the stands of cabrera hitting a home run)
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but that doesn't mean the 'melk men' have hit their expiration date . . . they are just waiting for their chance to return. through the season, we're gonna run with the giants all the way. melky was our guy, but the giants are our team. despite the suspension, as a father, the time spent in costume was not a waste. being able to kind of be a part of that atmosphere that i've grown up in was unbelievable. to be doing it with my son and running around with him... its priceless." when the melkmen were at the ballpark, the team's record was seven-and-one. with cabrera's batting average stuck at .346, he leads the national leage in that category . . . despite missing the final 50 games of the season. one of san jose stat'e's oldest dorms ... is going through a groundbreaking change. as pedro garcia shows us ... joe west hall is becoming much more welcoming for
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certain group of students.
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thats it for arts and entertainment... back to you guys. coming up in sports... the potential nhl players strike is threatening san joses downtown economy ... we'll tell you why local business owners are concerned. and a s-j-s-u olympian received an award from san jose city hall for her world class efforts this past summer... we'll show you who after the break...
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tori green is here for sports... tori spartan football is back!!! first the nfl, the nba, and the players union and the national hockey league are currently at a stand still in negotiations over a collective bargaining agreement ... thursday, the nhl commissioner recieved a unanimous vote from owners in support of a lockout. in downtown san jose -- business owners are worried what a cancelled or shortened sharks season will mean. " on some days san pedro square just down the street from the shark tank looks dead. surrounding businesses are worried that this is what it could look like if there's a shortened or maybe even no sharks season. the brit's general manager, sonny walters believes it will have a huge negative impact on his business alone. "we would certainly weather the storm. but as far as numbers go we're talking about taking anywhere from 300 to 400 people a day on a sharks home game that would not be there if they had a lockout."
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the san jose sharks say that due to the current situation there would not be much comment but gave this statement:"while we are hopeful that the nhl and the nhlpa will reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, we are not able to comment on any of the particulars at this time, especially since the current cba is still in place and anything would be speculation on our part at this time. san jose downtown association spokesman, rick jensen says he's not really worried about businesses but the people who could possibly lose their jobs. the city manager's office says that a lockout could cost the city up to 200 million dollars in economic loses. if there's no agreement by september 15th the players will be locked out.
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san jose state's very own olympian marti malloy was honored this week by mayor chuck reed. malloy is only the second u-s woman to win an olympic medal in judo. during the weekly council meeting at city hall --- the mayor presented malloy with a commendation for winning the bronze in london. " it was surprisingly cool. i really didn't know what i was getting into when i showed up, i knew it was a city council meeting but getting an award from the city of san jose was an honor. there's more than a million people in this city so it's good to be a representative for them." her recognition didn't end with mayor reed. "friday" she flew to washington dc along with the olympic and paralympic teams where they met with president obama. that is sports for this week... back to you guys. that'll do it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' now get some rest so we can see you again next week.
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